If you are running an online business or working on things related to digital marketing, you probably heard about Clickfunnels. This software is meeting a huge success since a few years and more than 90 300 marketers are using it to boost their business. But what is Clickfunnels exactly ? And how does it work ?

As a user, I wrote this complete Clickfunnels review to let you know everything about this great tool and explain you how to take advantage of it ! 🙂

What is Clickfunnels ?

Clickfunnels is a software that allows anyone to create sales funnels very easy and optimize their sales process thanks to many great functionalities that I will show you in this review.

A lot of different types of businesses are currently using Clickfunnels. Here is a short list of the main ones :

  • Agencies / freelance providing services
  • Coachs and consultants
  • Digital products creators
  • E-commerce
  • Non-profits
  • Affiliate marketers & Bloggers
  • Local businesses
  • Network marketing companies

This is a non-exhaustive list of course but as you can see, it’s already including a lot of types of businesses.

Clickfunnels has been founded by Russel Brunson who is one of the most famous and most successful digital marketer. If you want to learn more about him, I recommend you to have a look at his book Dotcom Secrets that is just fabulous.

How to use clickfunnels ?

Clickfunnels can be useful for most of online businesses. Actually whatever you are doing, if you want to sell something online, ClickFunnels will be a great asset.

The tool has been thought by digital marketers for digital marketer and it’s probably the best tool to optimize your selling process in 2019.

How does Clickfunnels work ?

Clickfunnels is very easy to use. It works with a simple pages editor that has been thought for people that don’t know anything about coding a website but want to be able to simply create and manage their sales funnels and web pages.

Here is a short video I made to show you how Clickfunnels works and why it can help your to get more leads and more cutomers !

We are now going to have a full Clickfunnels review so you will know exactly what you can do with this tool.

Clickfunnels main features

Let’s have a look at the main CF features together ! 🙂

The Etison editor

This tool will allow you to create and edit by yourself all the pages you will need for your funnel by yourself. It’s an awesome feature that allow anyone to take back the control of his website.

Pretty cool, isn’t it ? 🙂

As you can see, you will be able to create your funnel witout any technical skills, simply using this drag and drop editor and this is really cool because it will avoid you to hire a developper for your website and pay him a lot of money.

Pick up a funnel in the templates library

If you don’t want to build your funnel from scratch, you have to know that you can also pick up a template in the library that comes with any type of account. This is a great option that will make save a lot of time !

clickfunnels template library

Actually, it’s very simple, you just need to select a type of funnel according to your goals or to your project and a list of templates are going to be displayed so you just need to click the one you like and import it in your account. You only will need to custimize the template with your own texts, images and colors.

What is a share funnel ?

This feature is one of my favorite. Every funnel made with Clickfunnels can be shared to an account from another. That’s awesome because it means that some people can share you their existing funnel.

As you can see on the following picture, each funnel has a proper URL that you can use if you want to give your funnel to someone else.

what is a share funnel

If you are looking for a Yoga coaching sales funnel for example, you might find some people that are going to share you their templates and you won’t start from zero.

A lot of digital marketers are offering some of their best funnels as lead magnets or bonuses ! 🙂

What is Actionetics ?

Now you know what is Clickfunnels but maybe have you heard about Actionetics ? It’s the clickfunnels automation feature and here is a short and funny video made by Clickfunnels that show you what is Actionetics about :

What is clickfunnels Backpack option ?

CF includes a tool called Backpack that allows you to create and manage your own affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing consists in offering a commission to the affiliates that are going to bring you new customers thanks to their promotion work. It’s a powerful strategie to grow your business.

Backpack is giving you all the ready to use system to technically create your own affiliate offers, provide materials to your affiliates and manage their payments very easy.

How much does clickfunnels cost ?

Clickfunnels pricing is pretty simple. There are 2 options and you can switch from one to another as much as you want in one click.

  • Startup : this plan costs 97 dollars per month
  • Actionetics : it’s the full options account and its price is presently 297 dollars per month

If you are hesitating to go further with Clickfunnels because of its price, remember two things.

The first one is that you can get a 14 days free trial and test it without any risk. It’s the best way to see if the tool really fits your needs and it’ won’t cost you a penny 🙂

The second one is that you have to see this software as an investement for your business that is going to bring you back a positive return on your investment.

Clickfunnels has more than 90 000 active users (including me) that pay a monthly subscription that is pretty expensive but allow us to earn a lot of more and that is the most important thing to remind ! 🙂

Don’t be afraid to invest in the tools you need and try new ones, this will help you to grow.

How to get Clickfunnels for free ?

A lot of people are wondering how to get Clickfunnels for free and I have been looking for this too. Actually, there are no way to get it for free at the moment but you can have a 14 days free trial and test it without spending a penny.

Of course it’s not free, but this way, you can see without taking any risk if it fits your needs or not, which is pretty cool. 🙂

My personal opinion about Clickfunnels

I hope you understood what is Clickfunnels thanks to my review but maybe do you want know what is my personal opinion about Clickfunnels now ? 🙂

I am a real fan of Clickfunnels because it’s both a very complete tool and super powerful. Actually I like it for all its available features but also because it has really been tought for selling. And this last point makes all the difference according to me with the all the alternative tools you can find.

The templates library is a good example of this and something I really appreciate beacause it provides to any beginners some funnels structures that works. For most of us, it’s a great time and money saving.