Hey ! It looks like you heard about the One Funnel Away Challenge and now want to learn more about it, right ? Sounds great, you are on the right place, I took this awesome training on March 2019 and here is my OFA challenge review where I will explain you everything you have to know about it ! πŸ™‚

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge ?

The One Funnel Away challenge is a great 30 days training made by Russel Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels and his awesome team that will teach you all the basics you need to know if you want to launch a successful online business.

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The OFA concept is vey simple. During 30 days, you will be given tasks that you will have to complete in order to create your whole funnel and get your business live at day 30. Sounds exciting isn’t it ? πŸ™‚

How OFA has been created ?

Before launching the One Funnel Away Challenge, Russel Brunson asked for 30 successful online marketers who have generated over $1 Million+ inside their ClickFunnels funnel) this simple question :

β€œYou Suddenly Lose EVERYTHING…What Would You Do?”

(From Day 1 To Day 30) If You Knew You Only Had ONE FUNNEL To Make Back Your Millions?”

Each one of them has replied with a day-by-day plan explaining exaclty what they woud do to come back step by step to their previous results in 30 days.

These entrepreneurs are working in different areas like e-commerce, coaching, selling digital produtcs, doing affiliate marekting, running agencies… etc. All of them are part of the 2 Comma Club which is a list of people that made at least 1 million dollars with Clickfunnels.

You can discover here the full OFA introduction video and understand in two minutes how it works ! πŸ™‚

How does One Funnel Away Challenge works ?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a full 30 days training whose the main goal is to make you create and launch your offer. That’s the main goal : help you to launch your business ! πŸ™‚

Here is a short video from Russel Brunson :

Actually you are going to learn a lot about digital marketing and funnel building with the objective to implement what you learn everyday and get your funnel done at the end of the challenge.

Let’s see now what’s the course contains ! πŸ™‚

What are you going to do during OFA Challenge ?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 5 weeks program including a first pre-training week that is going to prepare you for doing the challenge and 4 weeks focused on offer creation and funnel building.

The one funnel away challenge course

Week 1 : the pre-training

This first week is all about beliefs and developing and the right mindest before you start working on your project. In this first part your teachers who are all amazing digital marketers will explain you why and how you can build your business easier than you think.

Honestly, I usually don’t like this kind of motivation videos but honestly their stories and their vision are all very inspiring and should change way you are currently thinking. It’s a very good way to stay consistently motivated throughout any obstacles

Week 2 to 5 : bulding your funnel

Serious things are starting from week 2 ! This is now time to start designing your project. Whatever you already have a business idea or not, you will learn everything about creating an irresistible offer following a very logical process.

You will learn about offer hacking, creating awesome hooks, defining your origin story, creating your products, building your sales funnel, using Clickfunnels, testing your offers and materials, generating leads, getting trafic and much more ! πŸ™‚

This second part of the challenge is a lot about building a your offer and a good funnel. This is where things become really concrete and fun because your project is turning into reality ! πŸ™‚

Who will be your teachers ?

The OFA Challenge is coming with a lot of videos made by Russel Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen. Each one on them has it’s own part of the training and will teach you specific things.

the 3 instructors
  • Russel Brunson is the Strategist, he will help you to understand how funnel works, how to create your offer and how to successfully market it online.
  • Julie Stoian will help you to implement the strategies teached by Russel. She is very helpful to transform any idea into reality.
  • Stephen Larsen will coach you and help you to get thing done. His videos are awesome and will push you to take action. No place for excuses in the OFA challenge ! πŸ˜‰

How much time does it take every day ?

If you want to do the challenge seriously, I would recommend you to take at least one hour per day.

Some people spent more time of course but one hour is in my opinion a minimum if you want to really take advantage about all the content and start implementing it in your business.

Having a full time job is not a problem and you will have some catch-up days during the training so don’t worry you don’t need to be working full time on the challenge !

The One Funnel Away Challenge Facebook Group

This is a really cool thing ! πŸ™‚

All the OFA Challenge attendes are invited to join the Facebook group of their session. And this is absolutely awesome !

During my session, about 5 000 people, coming from all around the world, and leaded by the same dream to launch their project were part of the group.

One Funnel Away Challenge Facebook Group

This private group was the number one place for getting feedbacks, ideas, ask for questions but also help other people with their own project.

The fact is that joining such a big community of people is very motivating and helps a lot to take action.

Is there bonuses coming with One Funnel Away Challenge ?

Yes there are a lot of bonuses coming with the OFA Challenge ! πŸ™‚

The first one and probably my favorite is this physical box that is delivered at home and contains very cool materials !

the OFA workbook
OFA physical box

The OFA challenge includes the following materials and bonuses :

  • 30 days of videos missions from Russel Brunson
  • 30 days of coaching with Julie and Stephen
  • A physical copy of the OFA challenge workbook
  • The 30 days hardcover book
  • A great MP3 Player with interviews
  • Unlimited access to the 30 best funnel builders interviews

How does OFA Challenge costs ?

OFA challenge costs 100 dollars which is actually a very good price for such a great course.

Before I did it, I tought that 100 dollars was an expensive price for an online course and have been hesitating.

Now I know what is in and I have been very happy with it. I learnt a lot and get a positive return on my investment implementing what I learnt even before the end of the challenge.

How to join the next session ?

If you are interested in joining the next challenge, you here is the one funnel away signup page where you will find all the information about the next session ! πŸ™‚

I hope that my short review has helped you to learn more about the OFA challenge and how it works.

If you have any questions about OFA or just want to share your experience about it, please feel free to drop a comment below, I would be pleased to read you ! πŸ™‚

OFA bonuses