Money is in the list. Yep, this is true and if you want to run an online business successfully, you need to focus on list building. Having a big list with hundreds or thousands of qualified prospects that you can contact each time you want is a huge asset that can make you earn a lot of money. In this article let’s see together how to create a landing page that converts well trafic into prospects ! 🙂

What is a landing page ?

A landing page is a very simple page made in order to collect your prospects contact informations. Most of landing pages are offering a free ressource to download in exchange for leaving emails. This free piece of content is called a lead magnet by marketers.

Landing page example
Landing page example

These pages are pretty simple. Most of them are made with a hook, a visual or a video to illustrate the offer and a good call to action coming with the email form where visitors can enter their name and email.

Why is it so important to build a landing page ?

Building a landing page will allow you to convert your visitors into prospects and create trust. Indeed, you will be able to collect your prospects emails and start building a positive relation, delivering them great value.

The problem when you just have a classic sales page is that in most of cases, people who don’t buy never come back.

Thanks to the landing page, you can really hook your visitors and keep a contact with them. You will be able to come back to them with information emails or promotional emails and convert them gradually into customers.

How to create a landing page?

Creating a landing page is very easy. If you don’t have one yet and are wondering how to get yours, you should have a look at Clickfunnels which is a wonderful all in one tool to create beautiful landing pages but also sales page, sales funnels, email sequences…etc.

Building a landing page with Clickfunnels

Creating a landing page with Clickfunnels is very simple. But it’s also a strategic choice that can help you to get very good results. Indeed, one of the best advantage in using tools like clickfunnels is that they provide to their users a great library that contains very good landing pages templates that have made their proof.

Companies like Clickfunnels are collecting a lot of datas thanks to thousands of users. This allows them to offer to their users the best structures that converts well.

If you are a beginner, don’t lose your time reinventing the wheel. Just pick up a Clickfunnels landing page template that works and customize it for your business.

6 tips to make your landing page awesome

Before you start building your own landing page, here is a few tips that I would recommend you to implement in order to get a good conversion rate ! 😉

1) Create an irresistible offer

This is obvious but you need a great offer if you want to turn trafic into leads. People are very sollicited so your value proposition have to be clear and your offer attractive.

A good lead magnet can make the difference. It just has to be useful for your audience. Whatever it is an ebook, a simple PDF, a podcast, or a video, you just have to make it as useful as possible and people will be ready to leave your their email in exchange.

2) Copywriting is very important

If you want to get success online, it’s very important to work on your copywriting. Remember that we are not in a physical store, there are nobody here to sell your products and answer customers questions.

The copywriting is like your salesforce so you really need to make it awesome and always improve it. Don’t forget that you have to sell the benefits of your offer ! 😉

3)Add a video to build trust

Video is a great content that is very easy to consume for people. Actually, people love them ! 🙂

It’s also a great type of content to build trust. If you want to engage people, making a video of yourself explaining your story is definitely the best way to convince them that you are the expert they were looking for.

4) Keep your landing page simple

A landing page doesn’t need to be hundreds lines. I recommend you to keep it simple. If your offer is clear and your hook attractive, you already made a big part of the job.

Have a look at the best online marketers and you will see that their landing pages are short but very attractive.

5) Give them proofs

Testimonials, screenshots… any proof of results is welcome. Remember that your landing page comes at the entrance of your sales funnel.

People don’t know you yet so you have to show that you are serious and delivering great products or services that are going to solve their problems.

6) Run A/B tests to improve your landing page

Running a A/B test is an easy and very effective way to improve your conversion rate. The principle is very simple : sending a part of your trafic on a variation of your initial page where only one element has been changed. A different hook for example. Or a different colour.

Then just compare the scores of your two pages and see which version is the best.

How to run a split test with Clickfunnels

Some tools are great for split test, here is a little video showing how to run one with Clickfunnels :

Share your experience

If you need any help or feedbacks about your landing page, please feel free to leave a comment with your landing page URL. You are also welcome to join my free facebook group : Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.