Hi guys ! In this article I will explain you how to create a sales funnel for your business and take it to the next level ! 🙂

If you never heard about what a sales funnel is, please stay tuned, I will tell you here all you have to know about this awesome system and show you how it can build your own funnel probably easier and quicker than you think.

What is a sales funnel ?

Let’s start with this simple question : what is a sales funnel ? I am sure you have heard about “funnels” but do you really know what a sales funnel is ?

Here is the answer : a funnel is a visual representation of the customer journey from first contact with your company to the purchase.

There are actually 4 main stages that you have to know :

  • Awareness : this is the first contact with your audience. This stage is the moment where people are discovering your brand thanks to your advertising. If you the job well, a lot of people will want to know more about you.
  • Interest : this stage is the moment where your prospects are understanding they may find a solution to their problem. They are currenlty doing some researches and trying to compare all their options. This is the best moment to give them as much value as possible and demonstrate your expertise.
  • Decision : this is one of the last step. Prospect is going to take action very soon, he is almost ready to buy and you absolutely have to make them an irresistible offer ! 🙂
  • Action : congratulations, your prospect finally bought your product ! However the game is not over, you now have to focus on customer retention and come back to him with additional offers in order to maximize your profits.

A sales funnel is designed to lead people through these stages and convert them into customers.

They can work for any online businesses and if you don’t have a funnel yet, creating one is certainly of the best way for you to increase quickly your conversion rate and get more sales ! 🙂

How funnel building works ?

As a digital marketer selling a product or services, you need to build an automated sales funnel that works for you thanks to specific pages like landing page, sales pages, thank you pages… but also thanks to email sequences that are going to be sent automatically to your prospects.

how to build a sales funnel

Funnel building consists in creating all your selling system that will works for you automatically and turn your trafic into buyers 🙂

sales funnel template

There are a lot of different sales funnels structures that you can use but a lot of them are starting with a landing page whose the goal will be to both collecting leads and offering a lead magnet.

This page can be the entrance of your funnel. Once you get your prospects emails, you can now send them a lot of valuable content to help them, build some trust and show your expertise in your niche.

The next step will be to make them an irrestible offer for your core product or services and turn them into buyers.

Now we are going to see how you can start building your own funnel ! 🙂

How to create a sales funnel ?

If you want to create your sales funnel, I would recommend you to use a specific tool for this.

Don’t lose your time reinventing the wheel while there are some awesome tools that can make you save a lot of time.

I personnally use and recommend Clickfunnels which is probably the best funnel building tool you can find with more than 92 300 active users worldwide.

Here is how Clickfunnels can help you :

Clickfunnels is an awesome tool that can I would definitely recommend to any online marketer, here is a short video about how it works ! 🙂

Clickfunnels is a very complete software that comes with a ready to use templates library where you can pick up the funnel structure you need.

Just select your industry or an objective and you will get a selection of recommended funnels ! 😉

It’s pretty cool as you just need to customize an existing structure that works with your own texts and images.

The 3 reasons why you must create a sales funnel

If you are running an online business and still don’t have a funnel, here are the three main reasons why I would definitely recommend you to create one as soon as possible :

1) Increase your conversion rate

If you are a bit experienced with digital marketing, you know that acquiring trafic can be expensive. Whatever it costs you money or time, it’s a big investment to get visitors.

If you want to get a positive return on your investment, you need to get a the best conversion rate possible and convert as much visitors as possible into customers.

The funnel is a system that will help you to build some trust with your audience and improve the way you are currently selling your products and services.

Thanks to your funnel, you will be able to give value to your prospects and proof of your expertise. When people trust you, it is so much easier to sell them a product or service.

2) Increase your average revenue per customer

Upsells are absolutely awesome when it comes to increase your revenue per customer and funnels are the best way to promote these additional offers successfully ! 🙂

Some tools like Clickfunnels can help you to easily create your upsells and promote them to your prospects at the right time with for example an order bump button that will allow your customer to add a second offer to his basket.

3) Selling multiple offers to your list

Thanks to your funnel, you will build a list of prospects that you can contact as much as you want. A lot of marketers say that “Money is in the list”. This is absolutely true and your list could become your main asset in the next months.

When you have an audience, each email can bring you back sales and money. So whatever it is because you just launched a new product or want to promote an offer as an affiliate, creating a funnel and building your list is such a good investment for your business ! 🙂