If you are interested in affiliate marketing, you probably heard about the Clickfunnels affiliate program which is definitely one of the most profitable one that you can find at the moment.

As an affiliate marketer successfully promoting Clickfunnels, I will explain you in this article how to start a real business promoting Clickfunnels that really makes money each month ! 🙂

What is Clickfunnels ?

ClickFunnels is a great software allowing people to build by themselves their sales funnels very easy.

Whatever they are selling digital products, physical products or services, most of online entrepreneurs need great webpages to exist online and promote their offers.

Thanks to Clickfunnels which is used by more than 92 000 users, building a sales page, a squeeze page, or even a membership area is now very simple. And it doesn’t require any technical skills thanks to the drag and drop editor.

If you want to learn more, I invite you to read my full article where I explain you what is Clickfunnels. You will learn exactly how it works and what are the main functionalities.

But now, let’s come back to the affiliate program ! 🙂

What is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program ?

Thanks to the affiliate program, anyone can start promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate and be paid each time you get a new customer.

Clickfunnels members are all paying a monthly subscription to use the software. As an affiliate Clickfunnels gives you back up to 40 % of their payment. Pretty cool isn’t it ?

Does it really work ?

Yes it’s really working my friend ! Actually it’s working crazy ! 🙂

Clickfunnels already paid 52 millions dollars commission to their affiliates. It’s just awesome !

And here is why :

Clickfunnels is offering a recurring commissions to their affiliates which means that if you do well, you can earn more and more money each month and build a real and regular source of income.

Actually, each customer referred can brings you between $38.80 and $118.80 commission each month. And it’s going to be a monthly recurring revenue as long as they stay a clickfunnels member.

My personal results promoting Clickfunnels

I know people like proof so here is a screenshot of my clickfunnel affiliate dashboard.

Clickfunnels affiliate income
Screenshot of my CF affiliate account

I started promoting Clickfunnels about 4 months ago and only earned about $5,000 ! Trust me, a lot of affiliates are making a lot of more and I am not considering myself as a super affiliate at all. Not yet ! 😀

But these 4 first months has been a very positive test. I get a real additional revenue thanks to the program and what is really cool is that it’s also a monthly recurring one.

At the moment I referred about 10 people who signup Clickfunnels through my affilaite link. About 70% of them sign up to the startup plan which gives me a monthly $38.80 commission but 30% took a more advanced plan that gives me back a $118.80 monthly commission !

The consequence is that I am already earning an approximative $700 additional monthly income. Pretty cool isn’t it ? 🙂

Now I know I am just at the beginning of my journey with this program and will focus on acquiring more and more members in the next months.

I have been following a lot of affiliates and a some of them are making so much money, it’s just insane !

If you want to see their results and start promoting Clickfunnels too, here is the link to join their program and get your affiliate links in the next minutes.

Get Your Dream Car

The best is yet to come ! 🙂

I had never seen that before ! Clickfunnels affiliate program is paying very good commission but If you get 100 active members, the company will even pay for the leasing of your Dream Car. This is really crazy !! 😀

Yep… this is not a joke at all, a lot of affiliates already won their dream car !

Want some motivation ? Have a look at this video :

How to join Clickfunnels affiliate program ?

Very easy ! You can join the program for free here and become an affiliate in the next 60 seconds 🙂

clickfunnels affiliate login page

Once you will be in, you will get access to all your affiliate links, banners, email swipes… to help you promoting Clickfunnels products.

clickfunnels affiliate materials

You will find a lot of resources to promote the tools and also some reports of your statistics and performances.

You can for example check how many of your referred members are currenly active and how closed to get your dream car you are :

clickfunnels dream car

Clickfunnels affiliate commission

As an experienced affiliate marketer, I know you want more details about the commissions you can expect from Clickfunnels. And you are right !

The Clickfunnels affiliate commission starts with a 30% commission and can reach 40 % if you work are doing well. And as I mentioned it already, this is a recurring commission. 🙂

Recurring commission means that you will earn money each month as long as the people who bought from your affiliate link stay Clickfunnels users.

That’s pretty awesome and it’s a great way to secure your business. As an affiliate marketer, I love programs offering referring commissions because each time I get a new customer, I am pretty sure it will brings me back some money for several month, maybe several years !

Clickfunnels Sticky Cookie

This is another great asset of the program ! Clickfunnels has created a sticky cookie that will pay you a commission on any purchase made by your referred customers !

Clickfunnels team has created a lot of products like marketing trainings, books, webinar, tools…

For example, let’s say one of your Clickfunnels member receive an promotional email from Clickfunnels and purchase a course, you will get a commission on this course too !


It happened to me more than once to have great surprise and discover I made money from a product I never promoted ! 🙂

How to start promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate ?

If you want to save time and learn fast how to promote successfully Clickfunnels, I definitely recommend you to join the Affiliate Bootcamp.

What is Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp ?

What if 15 super affiliates shared with you their best techniques to promote Clickfunnels, get their dream car and make a huge income every month ?

Welcome to the Affiliate Bootcamp ! Russel Brunson explains you in the following video how it works :

The Bootcamp is a full training that will explains you how to promote Clickfunnels the right way, using smart and effective techniques. If you can take it, I definitely recommend, it’s a fantastic resource !

My personal Clickfunnels affiliate program review

When people ask me for my opinion about Clickfunnels affiliate program, my answer is simple : I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to make money with affiliate marketing.

Why ?

First because Clickfunnels is a great product and it’s cool to recommend high qualitiy produtct that really help people in their business.

I also appreciate CF affiliate program because all the marketing is great ! The conversion rates of their products sales page are all very good. This make them very profitable to promote.

And as I said it, I appreciate having a recurring income that is securing me and my business. As an affiliate marketer, I recommend you to focus on products that are working with a recurring commission.

What are the best products to promote as Clickfunnels Affiliate ?

Clickfunnels, Funnel Scripts, One Funnel Away Challenge, Dotcom Secrets Book, Expert Secrets Book…

There are actually a lot of different offers that can be promoted as a Clickfunnels affliate. Sounds confusing ?

Not at all, it’s at the contrary absolutely really cool to have different products that you can push to your audience accordind to their needs and projects.

Let’s have a look at the main ones I recommend you to promote ! 🙂


Honestly, the best product to promote is definitely Clickfunnels. The main reason why is that Clickfunnels will brings you a recurring commission. There are 2 plans :

  • The startup plan can gives you a $38.80 commission
  • The Actionetics plan can gives you a $118.80 commission

The One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is for an awesome training for any people that are just starting a new online business or looking for new opportinities.

It’s a 30 days course with a lot of content made by Russel Brunson and his great team where you will learn a lot about funnel building, offer creation, and digital marketing.

Perfect for newbies and people who want to take action !

The commission is $100 which is pretty cool and the conversion rate is awesome !

My personal OFA earnings and stats

Funnel Scripts

Funnel scripts is coming with a high commission. You already know it if you took my free affiliate marketing training, it’s easier to sell one high ticket product than 10 small ticket ones.

For all the people looking for improving their copywriting, Funnel Scripts is THE solution. It’s a great tool that will avoid you to pay a professional copywriter.

Russel Brunson’s books

These two books Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets are very affordable products that you can promote to people that are newbies and who need to learn everything about digital marketing because they are newbies.

expert secrets book

It’s also a great one for people who don’t want to spend to much money in their training but needs to improve their skills.

The commission is not high, but a lot of other offers are going to be promoted to your reffered customers and thanks to the sticky cookie, you will get a commission on their next purchases.

3 free ways to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate

There are a lot of ways to promote successfully Clickfunnels and if you join the Clickfunnels Avengers Group which is the Facebook group dedicated to Clickfunnels affiliates, you will see that a lot of people are getting great results using totally different techniques.

Each one of us has its own tips but if you are just starting, feel free to join my free affiliate marketing training where I teach you all the basics to start your business.

I am sure that you will find your own strategies but here is already a few techniques that work very well 🙂

1) Reaching prospects on social platforms

Your customers are all on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. So this is where you can reach your audience and create a real relation with each prospect creating a real 1 on 1 relation with them.

My advice is to always start offering some value to your prospects. Do it for free and you will see that it will be easier to make them an offer in the future and convert them into customer.

Some of them will even ask you for your affiliate link to thank you for the help you brought them.

2) Running a blog about digital marketing

Running a blog is a quite long term strategy that requires some time and personal investment but works well.

Writing good articles takes a lot of time. Optimize them for SEO too. But when you rank well on some strategic keywords, it can brings you everyday new prospects on your funnels and customers.

Creating a Youtube channel

Running a Youtube channel works the same way than running a blog. It’s all about creating great and engaging content.

However, if you are comfortable with video, Youtube can be very fun and fast. A lot of people are getting tons of visitors from their videos and it can brings you a lot of customers too.

A lot of successful clickfunnels affiliates are using this strategy ! 🙂

Ready to start ?

I hope this article has helped you to understand how the clickfunnels affiliate program works and how you can make money with it !

Let me know if you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment below, I would be glad to answer you 🙂

And if you are already an affiliate, don’t hesitate to share about your journey here and tell us more about your experience.